A little adventure in Calabria

Finally a beautiful day, so it's up my mountain I go. Way up, almost two hours following a wild boar trail through underbrush pinging away with the trusty metal detector finding (almost) nothing of value, well, intriguing (Greek?) pottery shard with a nice design next to the usual rusty nails. I'm accompanied by the same mongrel that stays underfoot every time. She hangs out in the farm at the bottom of the mountain along with anywhere from five to 15 off-duty sheep dogs. Apparently she prefers herding me to sheep.

We get to the top and share my lunch (perhaps the basis of our relationship?) and I decide to take another route down--heavy underbrush. And then I see my eagle. He's sitting in a tree in the middle of the woods—strange, as usually I spot him atop hanging out in the ruins. I root around for my camera because I have yet to get a picture of him. Meanwhile, he's screeching away. Then just as I get the camera out, he takes off, dang! And of course, the dog scared him as she's under the tree. I berate her in Italian, English and dialect where I've managed to acquire a few juicy terms.

But wait, the eagle is gone, but I still here a screech, rather a strange sound; but then again, I've never heard an eagle before. Sounds to me like it's coming from above and it's pretty faint anyway. I figure it's some kind of owl in a tree so I continue working my way down. Now what? The dog who is usually between my feet isn't, and then she goes "woof."

Holy cow! This dog has never made a sound before and she's not moving. She's standing there looking at me and goes "woof" again. I look and see something move under her feet. At the same time, there's that screech again. I walk over and here's this goatlet that I think was just born. It's laying there in a little dip in the ground, looks at me and screeches again. And the dog says,"see, I told you so."